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Community Art at Black August in the Park
Sunday, August 21, 3-8pm
Durham Central Park
501 Foster St. Durham NC, 27701

Artist's Statement

The story is about the mixture of cultures within my veins and the historical blood of our country.

The core of my art is a story about love in a crazy world. How do we grow as Americans, survive, and thrive together? All I have is my odd experiences that often surprises and inspire people. It is a story is about claiming the various cultural roots in a land that was built on being hostile toward African roots and the mixing of cultures. These are difficult stories to claim, and difficult stories to tell sometimes. But for the good of America, we must talk and make a new future. To me, the story can be rough, but beautiful. The story is about growing in the face of adversity. The story is about the mixture of cultures within my veins and the historical blood of our country. I have herd hate from all the different angles, but my art is here to show you love. The story is about loving who I am even though I have been told to hate myself. The story is about unlearning hate. The story is about fitting in and not fitting in, accepting and questioning. The story is about me, but really it’s about US as well.

I heavily use African diaspora aesthetic such as symbol systems like Adinkra and hieroglyphics, sacred geometry, and textile traditions mixed with the western art training of my school age years. I enjoy this deliberate mixing of cultural traditions in part because it speaks to who I am, but also to beautiful roots of our American culture & history. For me, the African symbols speak to the poetic nature of their meaning as well as the visceral nature of the rhythm of the shapes. The vertical aesthetic of many African textiles takes my work to both an Earthly realm of dealing with the real world, but also spiritual because it connects to the heavens acting as visual chakras. The sacred geometry that I often use works like the patterns I grew up watching my mother design and sew. The geometric design helps the balance of the composition of the story that you see. I am more and more working with the concept of Afro-futurism that feels as natural as when my son was about 4 years old explaining to some kids in the park that Harriet Tubman and Anakin Skywalker had freed the slaves. I am sending code in color, rhythms, and line control break beats back to the universe.


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Malcolm Goff, Visual DJ
Durham, NC 


(919) 451-5750



About Malcolm

Malcolm Goff is a fine artist living in Durham, with work in the permanent collection of the Capitol Broadcasting Corporation and many private collections. He has been art educator at E.K. Powe Elementary School for almost 20 years.


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